2011 in Review

I would have written this earlier this month but have been miserably sick since enjoying a great “Pre-Christmas Christmas” with family in Northern Virginia.  It meant Christmas and New Years’ were very low key, spent at home recuperating, but since I got that all-important family love fix ahead of time, I’m not complaining.

So here’s last year’s Art roundup, finally.  I am pleased to report it was an extremely busy year in terms of show opportunities and exposure.  Several of the shows were with dear fellow artists who made up the Collaborative Artists Network with me, started the year before and they were really pleasant affairs since each of us has a unique style that compliments the others.

This past year I become comfortable enough to move beyond the literal to representational and had a great deal of fun at year end creating works from diverse materials.  Here’s a sample of my favorite of these works, called “Little Black Dress.”  This and several others from this collection are on display at Paige Simmons’ Salon near Centennial Park.   Hers is an upscale salon that offers a myriad of services to Nashville’s stars.  Located in the old Tennessee Art League Building on Poston Ave. bordering Centennial Park, it is flooded with attractive light, and is chock full of style, character, high ceilings and ambiance.  I’m very grateful to call her place “home” to a number of my works and her clients have bought several from me because of that opportunity.

Overall, it was a truly fruitful year as my art was exhibited in group shows in Nashville at several venues including  the Tennessee Art League, Fifty Forward Donelson, The Mad Platter, Dunn Bros. Coffee Shop, Centennial Art Center and Bryant Gallery in East Nashville.  My work entitled “Phantom Troubadour,” second in the gallery above, was selected and shown in a national juried show in a gallery on storied Folsom Stree in San Francisco, and “Live Oak” (the tree painting above) was part of an international group show in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Finally, I licensed my painting “Blood Moon” to Doireann Ni Ghriofa, a Gaelic poet for use as the cover image for a second book of poetry she’s planning to publish this coming year.

The house paintings above are a couple of commissioned works of  vacation homes I completed that I am particularly proud of.  They were thoughtful gifts presented to the homeowners and I’m told both were pleasantly surprised.   There were other commissioned works completed, but space and all that only permits a few…

Looking ahead to 2012, I have one painting in a show in Dusseldorf right now, and have two works on display in group shows at the Tennessee Art League.   I am worried it will be hard to top the growth and opportunities I enjoyed in 2012, but I’ll do my best!  I’ve discovered the single biggest impediment to making more art for me, at least, is keeping my studio clean.  As it’s right off the kitchen and dining room, it tends to become a dumping ground for stuff when surprise visitors come around!  So, here’s hoping my studio stays clean this year and that 2012 is a great year for you, dear readers.  Oh, add to that a special wish that I finally get rid of this darn cold!


Maura Satchell


About Maura Satchell, writer and artist

Novelist, artist, seeker. Curious to a fault, I rarely say no to an adventure and that gift has led me on some heart-stirring journeys. I regret nothing.
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  1. B says:

    Sounds like you’ve had quite a busy year!

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