New artwork: Effloresce

Effloresce floral artwork mixed media painting by Maura Satchell, List: $195

I love flowers, plants and nature, and I cannot lie! And I kinda love this painting with its multitude of blossoms, leaves, textures and colors. And how great does it go against this gray wall? Great to punch up a home designed around a neutral colored palette, right?

So if your home needs a splash of color to go with its Japandi style interior filled with neutral shades, and you are searching for interior decorating ideas, Effloresce is a great option!

Alternatively, if you are searching for the perfect gift for Mom for Mother’s Day, this might make a thoughtful one. Or even a gift for Grandma too. Reach out if you are interested in purchasing this original artwork or one of the beautiful home accessories created by this design.

Update 4/18/2021 – this work has been sold but there are still ways to acquire this image.

Here it is as a throw pillow, available in multiple sizes here. That site has a number of other options, too, from shower curtains to yoga mats and everything in between. And if you want high quality art prints or a canvas print for yourself, Saatchi’s Online Gallery has that covered too!

By Maura Satchell, contemporary artist and writer

Contemporary artist, seeker, writer. Curious to a fault. I let the fates take me where they will and never say no to an adventure. That has led me on some heart-stirring journeys and impetuous choices. I regret nothing.

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