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New Painting: Nature’s Promise

"Nature's Promise" is a fine art abstract painted by Maura Satchell.
Nature's Promise - mixed media abstract on paper - 8" x 5.75" - List: $145
Nature’s Promise – mixed media abstract on paper – 8″ x 5.75″ – List: $145

I love this little gem of a painting! I love the markmaking, the soft, pastel colorway, and I love the way a few subtle birds float around on the surface among grasses and whatnot. And the gold fluid paint that accentuates a couple of spots here and there… I hope you love it too! To me it screams “spring”!

I realize I am always so enthusiastic in each post about the new artwork, and part of me feels it’s wrong to do so. It’s the whole modesty protocols thing. But then, when you think about it, each new work of art is like a child and I wouldn’t speak positively about it if I didn’t think it was lovely, like a newborn I gave birth to.

I’m curious on your take. Feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment on your thoughts about “Nature’s Promise.” And if you enthusiastically love it and must have it, the original is for sale, and I invite you to contact me to discuss the possibility of adding it to your own home decor, either as wall art or perched on an easel on your bookshelf.

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