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6 Responses to Contact

  1. Lynn Chappell says:

    Hey Maura,

    Loved reading your wonderful blog. Great writing style and beautiful art, Maura. Gorgeous — like you! Thank you for sharing! You look so familiar, Pretty Lady. Wondering — have we have met??? Have you ever been to Myrtle Beach, SC?

    My deceased husband was from Hull UK, and we had dear friends in Beaulieu near Southampton. Oh how lovely to read about your David and family too. I am still an Anglophile and long to ride the trains in the lush green and gold countryside — and visit dear friends again, and have a cuppa with fish n chips and mushy peas…. Met James Herriot in Thirsk and Maggie Thatcher in Selfridges…. Are you a fan of Downton Abbey? Have you seen Highclere Castle?

    Can’t wait to read your books — Empty Sky and Crumbling Empire. Will try to get them soon.

    I am Catholic and was outraged at the way they handled the poor victims of the sex abuse scandal. Wish they would put all those priests/bishops et al in jail who didn’t help or even passed on the sexual predators to hurt others continuously. We had one in our parish in Stone Mountain Georgia — someone helped him move to UK, but I think they finally extradited him back for trial and conviction.

    Met the infinitely charming, handsome Paul Lopes in Myrtle Beach in the spring, and he absolutely adores you! Such a charismatic man….. I was deeply touched by the depth of his feelings and love for his Father he shared in the few brief moments we were together. Hope writing about it has been cathartic for him — he seemed to still be in great pain. Paul told me a little about his screenplay — but he always came back to talking about you! You must be very special to him as well. So glad you were able to collaborate on the book. Paul also talked about Franklin, TN. — An old love of mine lives there and asked me to be his nurse and office manager. Oh memories, what memories. Please give Paul my very best wishes and prayers.

    And very best wishes for you and Paul with the new book and screenplay — it just takes one yes! Maybe Robert Redford at Sundance? Your covers are stunning! Great job.

    God has given you so many gifts and talents — most of all, I believe, a gentle loving heart! You are like sunshine in a dark place…. let your light shine….

    PAX CHRISTI — PEACE OF CHRIST, and may God bless you and give you the desires of your beautiful heart!

    Lynn Chappell

    PS: Absolutely love South Florida too. My son lived in Benita Springs near Naples for a few years. I was there just after Hurricane Charley, and it cut Sanibel and Captiva Island in two. Hope to move back someday. Lived in Titusville years ago — even before WDW etc.

    Take care and keep up the great work!


    • Lynn! Lovely to read your comment and how many coincidences there are linking us together! Who would have guessed! I visited Myrtle Beach once years ago, but haven’t been back since. Lovely place! Paul Lopes is a wonderful gem! I’m so glad I got to meet him and work with him! He’s like a long-lost brother and we stay in touch as often as we can! Thank you again for your wonderful comments! We’re heading over to SW England in April for a wedding! Lovely place and lovely time of year (hopefully) for our visit. Cheers!


  2. Paul says:

    Maura, I can clearly remembering meeting Lynn that day at work, she seemed so interested in what brought me to Myrtle Beach, as I explained to her it was a miriad of events that brought me there, not having been to our home in MB since my father passed away as it was a place that gave both he and my mother great peace and enjoyment and of coarse the love of my life and getting to a place that I felt my fathers presence thatgave me the strength that would keep me grounded so that I could regain my self confidence to go back to Franklin. It was at that point that I started to talk about the story and your dedication and hard work on something that was so very spiritually important to me and our imdediate connection.
    It was Leslie that saw this post and brough it to my attention, I am blessed for small miracles to read something that touched another persons life, but also for the Miracle of meeting and having a woman like Leslie in my life. ,
    As we continue on this journey it is my hope that we can work together again when the time is right.
    We always talk about this world really is a small place and you never know when you will meet an Angel that has a place in your life and for those brief moments that Lynn and I spoke, it touched me that she was interested in one mans story and the impact that you made on me.


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