Covid19 Watchdog News Update

3.25.2020 1:30 p.m. Worldwide cases are at 441,187 with US reported caseload at 55,568, and deaths at 809. The UK’s numbers are 8438 and 474 respectively. Italy’s slope appears to be flattening but Spain’s is escalating in alarming numbers now, as is the US, primarily because of New York’s which has logged 30,811 cases and more than 280 deaths. Grim numbers since New York’s caseload is 10 times greater than any other state right now.

3.24.2020 5:00 p.m.:  The number of cases worldwide is approaching half a million, is at 416,000 this afternoon and total deaths worldwide are 18,574. Yesterday the WHO said the transmission of the disease is speeding up and the epicenters are Europe and the U.S. I missed this, but the U.S. jumped ahead of Spain in total number of cases and has nearly doubled it’s case number in 2 days to 51,542. The death count in the U.S. climbed nearly 30% in one day to 674. I hate to see it and also the U.K.’s case load has jumped to 8,164 from 5700 yesterday morning and the number of deaths has increased by 133 to 423.

Counter to advice from health officials, Donald Trump is floating the idea of “opening up” again in time for Easter Sunday church services. The belief is he is willing to sacrifice the weak for the economy and to reinforce that message, Dan Patrick the Lt. Governor of Texas said he and many other seniors are willing to die for the sake of the economy.

9:30 a.m.: 384,313 cases worldwide, growth of 10% or 30,000 overnight which might be good news.  Most countrywide numbers haven’t been update so stay tuned. BUT, found this interesting from the New York Times:

Deaths by US over time

The logarithmic slope right now shows the doubling of reported number of US deaths at less than every three days. This is the slope Italy had been on

In modeling the slopes of France, UK and South Korea, we have a similar slope to Italy prior to this week when lockdown has flattened the curve to doubling every five days, and France. We’re behind France by 3 days (as of the chart this morning France now has 860 deaths). If we remain at this slope, United States will have more than 5,000 deaths in four to five days, and 50,000 deaths by early April.

That link also has the slopes of any states reporting deaths too. New York’s slope is less than 2, tragically, meaning the number of deaths doubles in less than two days time. There is speculation on Twitter that some deaths in some states are not counted as Coronavirus deaths even if the patient presented with the symptoms because they were never tested.

Personal note: I know I am good at compartmentalizing. I learned to do it when my two sons fought in the Iraq war. I feel the tragedy here and for my part, plan to start making masks for local hospitals. They will use this design but with an additional air conditioning filter layer sandwiched between the outer cotton layers.

3.23.2020 11:00 a.m.: 354,640 cases reported worldwide now, with worldwide deaths at 15,374. The number of cases in the US has climbed nearly 2,000 overnight to 35,251 and deaths have increased by 25% – 113 in 24 hours to 472. The UK has 5,748 cases and 290 deaths at this time but there appear to have been no updates since last evening according to the Schiffman dashboard. It may seem truly macabre to be tracking these statistics, but I do it for two reasons. 1.) Tracking over time lets us see where it has progressed from day to day and 2.) For history’s sake – my personal history, my family’s history and anyone else who wants to follow these updates.

Governors and Mayors are taking the drastic steps of calling for shelter in place and closing non-essential businesses.

3.22.2020 7:00 p.m.: Sobering escalation with 35,000 more cases reported during the day. The US, with 33,350 cases, has jumped to third with only China (81,397) and Italy (59,138). The US death rate has jumped by 60 – 14% since this morning’s report to 416 with New York topping the list of state deaths racking 117 there. The UK has 1,600 more cases today, and 281 deaths.  The national guard in New York, California and Washington State are being activated and Dow futures are down 5% hinting at another ugly day Monday.

8:00 a.m.: Worldwide the number of cases has reached 318,500, jumping nearly 40,000 in one day. The US is now ranked fourth, behind only China, Italy and Spain with total number of reported cases at 27,000. Because we still have not tested widely, our number of actual cases is likely to be far greater than that actual number. Thankfully, however, the number of US deaths is 359 according to the Avi Schiffman’s websiteJohns Hopkins’ site has slightly fewer numbers.

Kinsa health map atypical readouts 03.22.20

The data visualized here is a product of Kinsa’s network of Smart Thermometers and the connected mobile applications. This map allows you to compare Kinsa’s observations of atypical influenza-like illness levels in the U.S., in orange and red.

Florida’s business friendly governor has still not put in a mandatory lockdown but given the Kinsa Smart Thermometer map, (at right), he might want to. Like yesterday. Here’s what their map looks like this morning based on atypical readouts:

3.21.2020 9:30 a.m.:  In less than two days time, the number of Coronavirus or Covid19 cases has jumped by nearly 50,000 to 279,000. The number of cases in the US has doubled to 19,624 and at the rate we are going, we are likely to exceed the number of reported cases in all but Italy and China in a matter of a few days. The US has reported 213 deaths attributed to the pandemic, of which 83 are in Washington State and 46 in New York. Because we have family in the UK, I’m going to include those numbers for tracking purposes here. As of today, there are 4,014 cases reported with 177 deaths.

In other Novel Coronavirus SARS COVID 19 news, news reports suggest the economic repurcussions will be far worse and are hitting far sooner than anticipated.

3.19.2020 10 a.m.: This is disgusting. Sens. Burr (R-NC), Kelly Loffler (R-GA) and two other Senators dumped stocks after a Jan. 24 senate briefing, before the stock market’s 30% decline. Worse yet, Burr is recorded warning high level constituents the effects of Covid-19 on the global population was going to be akin to the 1919 Spanish Flu while supporting the admin publicly as it claimed there was “Nothing to see here.”

Have a listen.

At 10 a.m., the dashboard jumped to 227,755 worldwide cases. The US jumped two positions to sixth with 9,205 cases reported, moving past South Korea and France. Tweets hint that Elon Musk may start producing ventilators and there is a massive shortage of masks for the medical practitioners with calls for those who can, to sew them for our healthcare workers.

3.18.2020 5 p.m.:  Young adults are not invincible: “The new data show that up to one-fifth of infected people ages 20-44 have been hospitalized, including 2%-4% who required treatment in an intensive care unit.” – Source CDC Data crunched by STAT News. Still, older Americans represented 31% of the cases, they accounted for 45% of hospitalizations, 53% of ICU admissions, and 80% of deaths, according to the CDC.

Between 11 a.m. EST and 5 p.m. EST, the Coronavirus Dashboard number of cases worldwide jumped by more than 12,000 to 217,294. France now exceeds South Korea in total number of cases and US is where France was yesterday. In the U.S., New York state accounts for more than 25% of all covid cases.