Downtown at Night small painting for sale


Downtown at Night is a small format painting on paper measuring 5″ x 7″ or 12-3/4cm x 17-3/4cm. It is meant to be hung portrait format and has a black background with colors including gold, silver, white, purple, pink, yellow, peach, light blue and gray.


Downtown at Night is a small contemporary art painting for sale. It’s a mass of tall buildings against a midnight black sky. The buildings are in various colors, including purple, peach, aqua, blue and gray, and some are lit, some are dark.

Because of the many colors against a black background it could work in a number of different home interior styles from industrial to neutral. Since it is small, it can be displayed on a shelf or counter surface or hung in a small room or niche. Since it’s an original, it’s 100% unique and one of a kind! It is painted in gouach and acrylic on paper.


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