Interplanetary Worship – abstract painting with gold leaf


Interplanetary Worship is an original abstract painting for sale. It is a work of art that is painted on paper and it measures 5 inches tall by 7-1/2 inches wide or 13cm x 19 cm.  This mixed media painting features gold paint and gold leaf, black, green, aqua and white acrylic paints.


Interplanetary Worship is an abstract painting for sale. It’s painted on paper and uses gold leaf and a colorway of dark green, black, off white, turquoise and other colors. There are a myriad of different shapes and patterns, lines and more in this intricate small painting on paper.

Like nearly all of my work, this work of art was created through the intuitive process in that I had no plan before painting this. I’ll paint a little, step back and review it, add some more, take away some, and add more again. It has gone through many steps and multiple layers to become what I consider finished.


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