Afterlife, medium sized abstract painting for sale


Unframed and unmounted “Afterlife” is a mixed media painting on 11″ x 15″ (or 28cm x 38cm) paper. It was made with acrylics, watercolor, gouache and pen and ink and is in colors including cobalt blue, phthalo blue (green), cadmium yellow light and white.


Afterlife is a medium-sized abstract painting for sale that hints at the existential nature of our corporal beings. This artwork, painted in blues, greens, and yellows was created at the tail end of this dreadful pandemic (at least for some). Many of us have lost loved ones and this is a hopeful depiction of what these souls have experienced — that movement into a beckoning tunnel of light. It is not meant to be a mournful, but rather an uplifting depiction of the afterlife and a way to keep those we’ve loved and lost near.

The feature of a spiral in this — and many of Maura’s images — is a reminder of the importance placed on this sacred symbol in many ancient cultures. As Fibonacci discovered, there is a mathematical beauty in the spiral and it is reflected in many many ways in nature. It serves as inspiration for many of Maura’s creations.


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