Original blue green abstract painting – Change over Time 9″ x 9″


Change Over Time is an original small format artwork painting in mixed media on paper. It uses acrylic paints, markers, ink and gold leaf accents and is one of a series of four paintings of similar tones and colors using gold leaf. It measures 9 inches by 9 inches square, or 23cm by 23 cm.

Colors in this painting include blue, green, white, peach, aqua, yellow and gold.


The dragonfly has been around for 300 million years during which time the earth has evolved dramatically. This painting pays homage to that idea and to the idea of nature in general. If you love dragonflies and spirals and nature in general, this painting might be a beautiful addition to your home decor. In blues and greens, it is small enough to display on a bookshelf or countertop, but can also be hung and displayed as wall art.

Change over time original painting
Change over time original 9 x 9″ square painting on paper in mixed media and gold leaf.


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