When the fog breaks

New abstract acrylic painting on canvas using softer colors and palette knife.  I love this!

when the fog lifts LR

The signed original is 16 x 20 x .75 on gallery wrapped canvas and is available directly from the blog at a discounted $395. Through Saatchi, it is offered at $1175. Saatchi also offers museum quality giclee prints and canvas prints too in case that interests you.

In addition to those prints, if you love this painting and think the design would fit your decor but want a more affordable option, other items, including notecards, other prints, throw pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains, tote bags, notebooks and cell phone covers, are available here.


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International Women's DayLR

It occurred to me it is time to dust off this beauty, “Awaken,” and bring her to light.  Fitting in context of history, with the #MeToo, #TimesUp movements as well as this all-important day, International Women’s Day or International Day of Women as it’s known in other countries.

The original is unavailable, but high quality giclee and canvas prints are available via Saatchi online. Other sizes, options, including throw pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains and more can be had from this site. Enjoy!

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CZ Wave Abstract Painting

CZ Rider

Commissioned acrylic abstract here, and I’m truly gratified to see how it turned out! Though the original is gone, Small to medium sized high quality giclee and canvas prints are available through Saatchi Art Gallery here. Larger sized prints, and a number of accessories with this design (throw pillows, totes, etc.) can be purchased at this link. If interested in commissioning your own abstract work of this sort, for either residential or contract interiors, reach out to me via Instagram or my Facebook page.

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Sanctuary - mixed media artwork by Maura SatchellIt’s been a while, travel, the holidays, taxes and more have kept me way busier than I’d like but I was recently able to complete this painting I have been working on for a very, very long time. I am drawn to religious symbols and iconography from my very Catholic youth. You see, going to church on weekday mornings, in addition to Sunday mornings, was not unusual.

Cut to my adult years when clergy sexual abuse scandals and the coverups of those scandals became prevalent in mainstream news and I found it very difficult to continue to …

But the icons, the veil, the sacristy, the altar, the stained glass windows and stations of the cross and holy communion and confession continued to percolate beneath my subconscious. In search of a world where peace and respect for one another and humanity and generosity and reverence of all mankind (after all, we are ALL God’s creatures), has been replaced by biting cynicism, isolationism, xenophobia, and a lack of respect for humankind, I created “Sanctuary”.  Soft colors, graceful curves, sturdy foundations, windows and doors (and a pathway to follow from closed window to open doorway) and crucifixes.

Sanctuary is a mixed media piece on paper, 11″ x 15″, signed. It is available for sale at $350 direct from me, or $725 from one of my two online galleries, Saatchi, where art prints and canvas reprints are also available, and through Fine Art America, where the image is available in a myriad of creative formats, from prints to shower curtains, decorative throw pillows and even pencil cases.

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Blood Moon: Sold!

Painting this was an extraordinary experience. As usual, it was created in an organic way, and I was truly surprised and gratified by the finished minimalist and symbolic work of art! A raven or crow perched on a branch, in front of a blood moon in front of a dreamy, flowy night sky backdrop.

The original has been sold, but fear not! Art quality giclees, prints for framing, canvas copies and a wide range of other items can be had! For a wide range of choices, including soft goods,  hit up Fine Art America for a great selection.  Blood Moon

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Sold: Abstract landscape “Winter Day”

Abstract landscape painting using acrylics and painted on canvas with palette knives. Sorry, it’s been sold but lovely repros are available at FineArtAmerica. Other items, including throw pillows, shower curtains, you name it, available there too.


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The undertow

The Undertow, abstract fine art painting by Maura Satchell

The Undertow, abstract fine art painting.

This was painted a while ago, and I love this work, in part because I love the color green in most of its forms. But I digress… this painting is meant to depict life’s eternal struggle. It represents the fits and starts in life when things flow smoothly, and the imperfect moments and challenges too.  Subtle painted lines show below the top layer intentionally. The center light and dark enmeshed together reflect the need to experience both good and bad to attain fulfillment and true joy.

That less I learned when I was a teenager and read Kahlil Gibran.  One particular lesson stuck with me from his work The Prophet. I can’t find it now, but it referred to the heart being like a bowl. The more sorrow and pain experienced, the deeper the bowl is carved and the greater the amount of joy it can contain. Thus, light and dark, joy and sadness, are intertwined in my work.

Enjoy it? You can pick up the original 8 x 8 x 5 inches (it’s a deep bookshelf one) from me here, or purchase various printed versions – cards, prints, throw pillows and more from this link. The throw pillow looks quite nice, I gotta say!

Like this style, but want something in a different set of colors? Let’s talk. I have a couple of slots open for commissions right now.

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