Painting: Poppies in the Rain

Poppies in the Rain was sold, but commissions for like paintings in different size/color would be considered.

New Artwork: Everyone Just Stop!

Everyone just stop! Mixed media minimalist abstract artwork on 8.5 x 11″ paper support by Maura Satchell, artist.

Paris, tu as volé mon cœur! (Paris, you have stolen my heart!)

Note: I’m publishing this entry one year later since it seemed so inappropriate to do so last year during the tragic news we were encountering daily. Though we still are still in the midst of this pandemic, I’m giving myself permission to revel in these wonderful memories and ask you, the reader, for forgiveness and… Continue reading Paris, tu as volé mon cœur! (Paris, you have stolen my heart!)

New Painting: Nature’s Promise

Pen and ink mark making, the fibonacci spiral, soft, pastel colors and small birds flitting about make "Nature's Promise" a pleasant abstract to behold.

Nature’s Promise is a mixed media abstract painting by artist Maura Satchell. It has a pastel colorway, white mark making and patterns, a spiral and small birds.

New Artwork: Flowers and Butterflies vibrant or muted

Flowers and butterflies: Original mixed media small format artwork painting by Maura Satchell. 7.5″ x 5.5″ List: $135

New Painting: Sacred Release

Sacred Release started out very differently several years ago and lay in my “work in progress” pile until the right inspiration and skill set hit. I’m truly pleased with how this mixed media work came out. And good news for collectors: it’s a small format artwork so is very affordable for those on a budget… Continue reading New Painting: Sacred Release

12 years an artist!

Rainhat Lady is a collage / assemblage work on canvas by Maura Satchell using found objects and created textures.

Rainhat Lady is an original collage / assemblage painting on canvas using found materials and created textures by Maura Satchell, artist.