About Me

I write, I photograph, I paint.

I massaged words and images from my youth and am fortunate to have studied under highly skilled mentors, and have taken workshops and classes from legendary instructors along the way in both writing and the visual arts.

I’ve written a couple of books and several of my artworks can be found in collections and have been included in shows in Germany, Scotland, England, Norway, Australia, San Francisco, New York, Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, Nashville and Orlando. They and others can be had as giclees, cards and other formats here. (Of course, you want a duvet cover with one of my designs on it, right?)

After living in the Nashville, Tennessee area for nearly two decades, I pulled up stakes in 2012 and moved to Central Florida where I now live with my husband.  It is here, into my home studio that I escape unplug and unwind, surrounded by the sights and sounds of Mother Nature, immersed in color, texture, line and such.  Life is grand.


One Response to About Me

  1. grfrazier says:

    Hi Maura! Nice to find you here on WordPress as well. Great blog. Miss the old days at the DNJ any??? 🙂

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