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>Agh! Allergies are making the eyes go wonky!


OMG, I have so much painting to get done!  This restaurant where I am having my show is quite deep with lots of wall space and as I’m the solo artist, I really need to get a lot of big stuff painted!  Don’t get me wrong, I love and am totally up to the challenge, attacking it all with analytical mind and photoshop filters to “trial” run some of what I plan on painting.  I’ve got the studio space and since I’m a small business owner, can set my own hours, more or less, to work around my painting.

The painting above was my first attempt at working with a palette knife.  It’s ok I suppose, I mean the paint goes on in no time, but I prefer using paintbrushes.  Maybe it will lend itself to certain types of paintings but for detail work it was impossible and I grabbed my brushes.

The problem is, my allergies are so bad this year that my eyes are going all wonky!  Seriously!  Every time I look down with the eyes, I get this unfocused sensation one gets after riding a playground merry go round!  Dizzy somewhat, but just totally unfocused.  Painting under a deadline this will not do, so I’ve taken to steroids, allergy meds, and warm compresses on my face hoping to alleviate what I think is sinus swelling causing the damn spells.

Wish me luck!

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  1. >This article explains a lot."The true champion of allergies in America is Knoxville, Tennessee, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America." Knoxville's only 120 miles away "as the pollen flies" so I'm thinking we're in Allergy region USA here!

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