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>Another artist’s show at the same venue

>I was very lucky to have met the lovely former-food-columnist-turned-painter Thayer Wine at my reception.  We spoke briefly there and when I learned her art would be hanging after mine, I was dying to check it out.  Her reception was the day after she hung her work and how fortunate I was that she was fine with me coming and yes, I could bring other fellow artists.

Of course, I thought of Miss Hazel and arranged to pick her up and bring her.  And Lynne P. and Lucilla, our dry-witted beloved Italian artist friend came too.  We four soaked up Thayer’s lovely watercolor paintings and Lynne explained to me how the one that looked like a stained-glass effect was actually painted on rice paper that’d been crumpled up.  It was an afternoon of great company, and of course, great food too.

PS:  I cheated!  The above pic was taken of Lynne P., Me and Lucilla the evening of MY opening.  We didn’t get one at Thayer’s. 

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