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>Four artists, my house = a great day of painting


Can I just say I was in my element today?  I mean, there I was, painting, in my home, with three of my dearest friends painting along with me!  Oooh!  Heaven! 

Lucilla, Margot, and Lynne that I paint with at the Centennial Park Gallery and Art Center joined me for the day since it’s “Summer vacation” there in that program. 
We spread out on the dining room table and all worked on watercolors together.  At the start, Lynne gave Lucilla and I a lesson in loosey goosey watercolor work on sunflowers.  You can see her gorgeous rendition in the photo above.  After we picked her brain clean, we started in on Margot who shared with us her style of painting mountain landscapes.  I’ll post a photo of that at the bottom after I’ve finished working mine to publishable status in the next day or two.  But it was just a grand time with the girls.  While Margot was teaching us, Lynne moved her stuff to the floor.  She says she finds it more comfortable spreading out that way.  In the lower left of the photo you can see another fabulous – I mean truly grand – floral watercolor she did right there in about 2 hours time.

At lunchtime, we dined, perversely, in my studio on a card table set up there so we didn’t have to move a thing.  I had prepared a Chicken Broccoli Braid (and putting the link here is a test to see if Lynne really does read my blog since she’s been after me for the recipe).  We also had some great watermelon and a fantastic roasted stone fruit and rosemary dessert that was to die for. 

There, together, both painting and dining, we all discussed the merits of certain paint colors, the different manufacturers (Lynne is a huge fan of and exclusively uses American Journey by Cheap Joes now with the exception of one – Shadow Green, produced by  Holbein), our favorite brushes and even paper too.  Ironically, for not having to pay a workshop or class fee, I got far more out of our day of “studio time” than many other times.  And it occurred to me, Lynne would be a tremendous spokesperson for American Journeys. 

I am whipped now, though, so, as Lucilla would say (and squeeze her fingers together and spread them out), Caiou! 

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