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Wow! Two weeks since my last post!

>Didya ever find a time in life when things just mush together so tightly you don’t have time to breathe?  That’s been the case the past two weeks for me to wit:

My consulting business (international credit reporting – and if it sounds dry, it totally is, but at least it pays the bills mosta the time) had a huge month last month, like double the regular business volume it normally has – good in some ways, really lousy for my sense of balance though.

During all that mayhem and scrambling to meet deadlines and demands of customers on four continents, hubby’s shift at work changed from early morning to mid-afternoon start after many years on that early schedule, we had to figure out how to change eating habits, awake times, and what have you.

On top of that, there was the replacement (finally!) of the full air conditioning unit – $8600 and change but we’ll see a $1500 income tax break, and are getting an additional $250 state rebate on top of that.  It meant a couple of days with workers in and out, but lots of filing papers (for the financing), and moving stuff out of the attic so they could work in there.  In the end, it’s a good thing though, so we can deal with it.  Plus, we have a 10 year full warranty on this puppy so we’re happy.  Parkers Heating and Cooling in Smyrna did the project after we ran 3 contractors through bid process.  (Being a former designer in Prudential’s Eastern Home Office Planning & Purchasing Department taught me those ropes & I applied the system like our little home was a multi-million dollar corporate complex!).  BTW, Parker’s did an exceptional job and were very, very professional about the process and in working with us.

Then, you gotta figure, when mortgage interest rates are so low and you are already looking to make a major home renovation purchase, you might as well refinance right?  Especially when you have a sister in the business (VP of BB&T’s Mortgage Banking Division in Maryland in case you need one).  So, of course we had to refinance.  Meaning, dig up all sortsa records, request more, and coordinate the hell out of things to get it all to the underwriter within 30 days of the Air Conditioning bid so we could get it all done & coolness restored.  Alot of money changed hands last month, at least on paper. I’m sure our transactions alone contributed to at least a .25 point increase in GDP!  Yay America!

So … home finance and repair work done, … check!
Adjustment to new schedule underway, … check!
Business invoices sent out at eom, … check!

Nothing left to do after that but take a Labor Day Vacation, right?

Read all about that in the blog entry to follow.

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