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The all-important studio-to-coffeepot distance!

As I was putting on a pot of java to brew, I realized how lucky I am to have a studio where I can create and – more importantly – not have to move things, pick up and put away because it is NOT a dual space.  Most of my fellow CANN members are not so lucky and I feel for them and all out there who don’t have a studio of one’s own.

My eyes remain wonky at times although I went back to the eye doctor for a checkup.  He told me I’ve been doing the eye exercises wrong, so I’m working on doing them better.  We’ll see.  If no improvement, it’s onto a neuro or ENT specialist, I think.  So this blogpost is more links than direct info, mea culpa…

Anyway, back to the home studio theme of today’s blog.  I decided to put in some research and found a few interesting links, below, that might offer advice for those considering one of their own or that, like me already have one but want to improve it.

Cherylscott’s e-how contribution describes blurring the borders so one can create anywhere in the home.

This Esortment article lists and explains the whys behind some of the necessities to consider in setting up a home studio, but I prefer

Urbanpaintbrush’s explanations, images and details better.   In fact, I just happened on that site for this blog post and methinks I’ll be paying many more visits there in the future!  (LOVE IT!)

But the Award for best detail of stuff needed, definitely goes to Jennifer Young who hails from Richmond, Virginia.  Great explanations and information, Jennifer and all.

Now, back to the title of this post.  My studio is in an addition we built in July, 2003.  I remember the timing well because we needed a room to bed my oldest son Kris and four other Marine infantrymen he was returning home with for a visit after his first tour in Iraq.   From wartime recollections to making art.  I’m glad we’ve been able to make that transition.  And the measurement, by the way, is seven steps and if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading for another mugful right now!

2 thoughts on “The all-important studio-to-coffeepot distance!

  1. Hi Maura-
    Wow! Thanks for the “award”. I’m happy to know my obsessive overanalyzing might be of help to other artists ;-). I’m still loving my creative space, 6 years later. My only regret is no bathroom in situ. But then again, I’m only about 15 or so steps from a remedy, so it’s all good.

    1. Jennifer, you’re not alone in the overanalyzing category. =) And anyone that elevates coffee to such a level deserves an award!

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