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>Kris’ Brooklyn Skyline

My older son, Kris, who lives in a gorgeous neighborhood in Brooklyn Heights, NY, wants a painting of Brooklyn. But he likes impressionist work, and wants one that has a sort of old-world feeling. I had a 6 x 12 canvas and a great image of the Brooklyn Bridge skyline at night and decided to try to convince him that THIS is what he really wanted for Christmas. It’s in the mail and he’s busy with final exams, work, and volunteering at a community shelter over the holidays, so I don’t think he’ll be reading this post and feel safe posting it…

Some of it works kinda nicely, I think. I used bubble paint for the light dots and some other streaks of light reflection in the water but didn’t want to use too much of it.

I worked on this one, the Borch family crest, and the Bavarian Church scene all at the same time. Crazy stuff!

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