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>Moving mountains

>This image is painted from a photo I took while traveling in Bavaria, Germany in 1991. I was staying with a lovely family who took me around the countryside on daytrips. I have kept in touch with them and decided what better way to express belated thanks than by making a painting of one of the scenes we experienced there together?

I am feeling more comfortable working with acrylics than watercolors, as you might be able to tell here. The trees came out really easily, and while the structure has a bit of wobbliness to it, it’s not half bad, is it? Hazel added the gorgeous golden afternoon light glow to the building and we thought it was good to go until we noticed that the highest mountain peak was right behind the church’s tower. I figured this was accurate since it is how it was in the photo, but Hazel and I went round and round about factual accuracy and art. In the end, I caved, moved the mountains (messed up a previously lovely sky), and ended up with this. When I tell you I messed up the sky, I’m serious, there are so many layers of paint under this I’m sure the postage will be increased by $3 because of the weight! LOL.

It’s a pretty little thing, though and I like the serene feeling it evokes.

So, the moral of the story is, never put a mountain peak, tree trunk, rock crevice, castle, or other big structure directly behind your main subject. I hope that makes sense?

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