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>A horse picture! For a special couple!

>You know those times when the stars align just perfectly for you? Painting this picture was one of those times.

Meryem (Mary) and Fernando (Tingo) are close friends of my younger son Pete. Tingo was Pete’s squad leader in Iraq and he and his wife have been so dear to us during and since that experience.

I wanted to do something nice for them and Meryem is studying to be an animal therapist. On her facebook page she recently uploaded a photo of her on this lovely white horse she was working on. The next day I was walking in our local park in a different direction and happened upon meandering meadows and hills with lovely late afternoon shadows and some still lovely colors that took me by surprise. Naturally, I had to get out my IPhone and snap a photo or two for reference purposes. It occurred to me the two scenes – Meryem on her horse and the beautiful park scene, would meld perfectly.

Before working on this one, I’d never gotten the whole distant atmospheric perspective thing right before, but this time, with the paler trees in the distance, I think I got much closer to it. What’s more, I always accepted I could never draw or paint animals or people, but I think I got them pretty well here too! I really love this painting and was so proud to mail it off this morning to this sweet young decent couple who live in a bare-walled apartment in California.

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