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>Painting class, I made it!

I missed the class last week and almost missed today but decided better late than never.

I had spied this gorgeous winter photograph scene (sans people) in a magazine and thought it would make a beautiful painting.

What I came up with is much different from the original reference piece, but from what I understand, that is a good thing. I have learned to weaken the horizon’s values and make foreground bolder and stronger. I love the little people I have added to this, and, as a former hockey coach, tagged the hockey players in facebook using names of the kids I coached who are now, 10 years later, facebook friends! My sons (also tagged as players) haven’t discovered the tagging yet but Pete enjoys the painting and wants it for himself. (He got the Haybales one I painted in December, by the way, so he and Kris are even in “Moesse Originals”.

PS: If you notice the brown dog on the ice? He’s tussling with a pull toy with an oddly shaped dalmatian. They’re supposed to be Smokey and Baxter. I’m getting bolder now!

Today’s lesson: You may end up with something completely different than what was planned. That’s perfectly fine and the end result may be a pleasant surprise.

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