Paris, tu as volé mon cœur! (Paris, you have stolen my heart!)

Note: I’m publishing this entry one year later since it seemed so inappropriate to do so last year during the tragic news we were encountering daily. Though we still are still in the midst of this pandemic, I’m giving myself permission to revel in these wonderful memories and ask you, the reader, for forgiveness and… Continue reading Paris, tu as volé mon cœur! (Paris, you have stolen my heart!)

A glimmer of joy amidst the misery

Such a happy, happy day! My eldest son, Kris, married his beautiful bride, Vanessa! It was a small ceremony and gathering after and while COVID19 made it very difficult, I was able to get there, despite the travel embargo on tourists from Maryland. I wouldn’t have missed this special day for the world!

Happy Sunday from our little world

One thing we have here is a gorgeous garden! Sunflowers, tomatoes galore, and so much more! It really gives me peace to be here amidst the flowers and plants.

Shopping at a distance

It felt so strange. And sad. I met my sister at a grocery store in between our two locations so we might have a chance to connect. Instead, masked, gloved, and unable to hug, it made me so sad and I cried the whole way home. But we have fresh produce and other groceries, at… Continue reading Shopping at a distance

Happy Birthday T!

It felt like such a guilty pleasure… Not the decadent Rocky Point Creamery ice cream we were enjoying. It was the “We” that was so wonderful and gave me wonderful pleasure, but also made me wary… My sister-in-law and niece both had birthdays this week and we decided to find a way to celebrate, despite… Continue reading Happy Birthday T!

Spring’s Hope

Not lost to me in these days of horror and tragedy is the beauty that surrounds us this spring. We have a cute little courtyard and didn’t notice the beautiful weeping Cherry Tree in bloom until this year. It’s just gorgeous and while I didn’t do it justice, I did have to paint it. I… Continue reading Spring’s Hope