2020: That was some SHITSHOW!!!

What is there to say about 2020 other than glad it’s in the rear view mirror! I see that it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything and truth is, I don’t feel bad. It’s been so difficult to create, to find things to blog about or be happy about. But this I am pleased with: 2020 is about to be in the rear view mirror and I’m hoping for a better 2021.

One good (for my art) bad (for our finances) thing that happened this year: My position at the small company I relocated up here to work for has been eliminated and I am now collecting unemployment. It may be a struggle, but fortunately, my husband still has his job, works from home most of the time and we’re not spending much.

So expect more art in the coming months!

By Maura Satchell, contemporary artist and writer

Contemporary artist, seeker, writer. Curious to a fault. I let the fates take me where they will and never say no to an adventure. That has led me on some heart-stirring journeys and impetuous choices. I regret nothing.

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