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When loved ones really come through

We got back from our trip to France and the UK in the middle of the night two nights ago. It was a glorious trip, but a harrowing return once we arrived at JFK. We waited in a huge queue in customs for nearly an hour and then were moved into another long line with fellow travelers from Schengen countries. We all had to go through special customs clearance due to Trump’s travel ban which went into effect today. Though we were flying home from the UK, because we’d been in Paris within the prior two weeks, that included us.

Now that I’ve gotten time to catch my breath after the JFK arrivals ordeal, I’m struck by a couple of things. First, my son Pete was so considerate, he even left fresh water glasses and two packets of Emergen-C by our nitestands! Such a welcome thing after being jam packed with so many people without masks, sanitizer or distance for so many hours!

Yesterday, before he was about to head back to Nicaragua where he’d rented a place, he went to the store for us and stocked up. Mind you, I’d been doing so and was really quite prepared before we went away to expect the inability to shop for a time, but we’d been told to quarantine for at least the next 14 days, so he stocked us up with produce, fresh dairy and meats. So great!

Then today, my sister did something that touched me to the core. It sounds so corny, but she brought me over ziploc bags with garden seeds in them. She knew we’d be bored, need to have something to do, and thought this would perk us up. And it really has. She didn’t come in, wore her mask (her husband is medically vulnerable), but it was so lovely to see her all the same!

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