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It’s been too long…

So, where do I begin? (Insert sigh here as I ponder…)

First off, we moved from Florida. I left my position in recruitment marketing at Publix and took a role with a smaller company in the Metro DC area in December, 2018. It was time for a change, really. I loved most of my colleagues at Publix, but needed a change. We’d grown tired of the Florida incessant heat and lack of four seasons and we missed family.

Although my husband’s family is in the UK where he was born, most of my family is located in a 100 mile radius around Washington, DC, so when this small employer came knocking with an offer I couldn’t refuse, I jumped at the chance. It took until April, 2019 to sell our Florida home and settle into a great townhouse in Montgomery County, Maryland, commuting distance for both my husband and I. And it was about 15 miles from my sister and her family, an important factor in this move. Two decades-long friends are within 50 miles too and it means lots of chances for get togethers and fun.

And here we are, below, my lifelong BFF who lives in NJ, me, and my sister celebrating my milestone 60th birthday together in September, 2019. So glad we made this move but I’ve not had an ounce of free time to paint lately! I’m sure once I really settle in, though, I’ll be able to block time for painting and creating.

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m hoping to make a few changes for 2020. First and foremost, as I said above, to carve out time for painting and creating. It shouldn’t be for lack of inspiration as in March, the hubby and I travel to Paris for our anniversary. I’ve been planning our trip and definitely will be taking in a few museums, for sure! We’ll see where the rest of the year takes us, but finger’s crossed it’s a great one!

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