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Wales: The Road to Dolgellau

If you’ve ever been to Wales, chances are, your heart and soul have been stolen by the rugged beauty of the countryside. My husband’s family lived there for decades and have a lovely farm right on the Atlantic above Barmouth. It offers a wild and captivating beauty, that place does.

Our last trip over, we drove to Northern Wales from Somerset Co., UK where the husband’s children live, to look in on his aunt in Barmouth. It was a trek, including the chance to cross the historic Severn at Bristol, and a ride through the Brecon Beacons over to Aberystwyth and north to Dolgellau and finally Barmouth. Despite the curvy route I couldn’t help but photograph the wild hills and mountains that make up Snowdonia National Park and the hiking and walking there. It was breathtaking!

I haven’t yet made much art from our trip, but here’s one little watercolor I did from that trip. I think it depicts some of the beauty of the area. It’s called The Road to Dolgellau.

I was really confused as we pulled into the town by the way my husband prounouced it and chose the title of this work for that reason. If you’re interested in the correct pronunciation of Dolgellau, it’s far different from the way it looks, thanks to it’s Welsh origins. Here’s a little video explaining it.

And if you’d like to learn more about the area around Dolgellau, here’s a nice little video about the trails from Dolgellau to Barmouth along the Mawddach Trail footpath. It’s utterly stunning and I hope to get back in the near future!

The Road to Dolgellau, a watercolor and gouache painting by American artist Maura Satchell

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