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>Bird brain!


Getting bolder now, what with the closer-up view of the bird and all! But I absolutely could not resist doing this one since I knew the feathers would mean lovely, fluid strokes, and the headpiece hinted at just the greatest fun!

It absolutely did not disappoint either! I did this one in class, too, recently, and am very glad I did since I was trying to go right from the photo and had the top (blue), painted in a similar color as the bottom. As usual, Hazel’s voice reminded “Photos can lie!” and I received a lecture on values yet again. The middle area was much busier, and while she didn’t recommend changing it, I decided it needed punching up too.

I wish I had gone with a pure, one color background but what I have ended up with here is far better than what I was working with originally.

Thank you again, Hazel!

Today’s lesson: Keep the background as simple as possible when the subject is so singular and b.g. doesn’t add to it!

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