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>A great day with Margot!

>I mentioned Margot a while back in relation to her painting her “opus” – this lovely abbey in Scotland that she worked on for several weeks. My first impression of this wise woman was that she was intense and really knew her stuff. Her brother is one of the world’s premier “Photo realists” fecthing in excess of $100,000 for one of his paintings. Clearly, the skill runs in the family because Margot’s abbey turned out spectacularly and everything else I have seen her work on since that time is wonderful too.

Anyway, Margot had some computer problems and was hoping to get her “portfolio” in good digital order to send some of her works to a couple of galleries. I, married to a techie and a semi-pro photographer myself, have some good understanding of what she could use so I volunteered to help her with this need, hoping some of her genius might rub off on lil ole me.

I went over to her place today and was so impressed! It’s a little cottage in Green Hills, and has the charm and structure of all the great older homes in Nashville. And sprinkled throughout are paintings Margot has done over the years to reach out and grab even the most lifeless person with touches of the ethereal beauty that fill her work. She’s into mountains and clouds but whatever she paints is gorgeous. And she has so many too! Even after selling/giving away oodles, Margo must have 30 canvas paintings and umpteen watercolors floating around. Talk about eye candy! I was in heaven!

When it was time to check out the photos of her work on her computer, the photo-geek that I am was horrified! Clearly, she needed my help! Unfortunately, ditz that I can be, I forgot my camera bag so we agreed to shoot them at the gallery Thursday at my next painting day where the lighting would be great. It will be her digital portfolio and I’m glad I can help. I honestly can’t wait to get another glimpse of these works in the great lighting at the gallery/studio.

I went home filled with inspiration and dying to do some more painting, but alas, it’s the end of the work month and I have work to complete so I can bill others, get paid, and then pay my own bills!

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