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>The Big One… Done


It was punishing me, just resting there, huge, taunting, belittling me in its blankness.  I’m talking, of course, of the grand piece for my show.  As previously mentioned, it’s a 36″ x 80″ wood support I’ve chosen to paint for the back wall, brick, in The Mad Platter.  I have to have it painted and ready for installation Saturday, and yet, I was frozen here. 

Then, on a hike with the dogs, it struck me.  I’d wanted to do something floral, and graphic in style.  Reverse sunflower?  Possibly, but sunflowers are so overdone.  I’d scanned my photos, poured over seed catalogs, and more.  It wasn’t until I left the worry to wander in the open air that I got the image I wanted. 

“Miracle in the Breeze.”  I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been one to take dandelions for granted and deigned them ugly because they are weeds. But as I walked, and the dogs chased the puffy seeds in the air, I couldn’t help but think about dandelions on their own level.  They are really remarkable, when you think about it.  First, the cheery yellow bud, then the fuzzy seedheads designed to be light as air to carry far and wide and propagate.  Who’s the weed nazi that determines the pecking order in the domestic plant kingdom?  Why are these weeds and things like roses, with their thorns and dropping leaves, desirable flowers? 

Not important now.  What’s important is that I can use this this — downy living miracle — and fill canvas with lovely colors and convey the meaning all at once.  Combine the miracle of it with motion and authenticity — and here’s the critical thing – look great on the red brick wall at The Mad Platter — all at once! 

So, it’s done.  Took me a full day to prep the support, and two more days and yeah, a great deal of paint – to get it done, but it’s there.  The mindgames are over, the canvas is no longer blank, and come Saturday, will look fantastic (IMHO) on that red brick wall! 

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  1. >Very nice. Love the airy fairy nature of it. And the colors.

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