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>Rainy Weekend Painting


Despite the miserable weather, this was a great weekend, filled with painting pleasure.  I think I had a solid eight hours of painting time yesterday.  The downside is, I need to block in some downtime for “visual rest.”  I was hoping to work on my website ( and just had to leave it unfinished as my eyes became so darn unfocused.  Leave it to me to come up with a condition that is typically a childhood thing!  Did I ever tell ya I had sleeping sickness as a child?  Yeah, when they quote that one in a million stat, believe me, they’re talking about me.  Except for becoming a lottery winner, unfortunately.

3 thoughts on “>Rainy Weekend Painting

  1. >Wow, these are great.

  2. >I love the red one, it's so strong and electrifying.

  3. >Well, well, well. I think it needs to rain more where you are. Nicely done.

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