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>Heading to the East Nashville Arts Fest

>I’ve been looking forward to this for more than a month and the day is finally here!  For those unfamiliar, East Nashville is the eclectic and nouveau artsy, semi-bohemian part of Metro Nashville across the river from the rest of town. 

More well known is the East Nashville Tomato Art Fest, in its seventh year.  That one’s in August, and yeah, I’m eagerly awaiting that one too.  Loadsa fun, all built around “The Tomato…A Uniter, Not A Divider- Bringing Together Fruits And Vegetables.” 

But for today, it’s not about Tomatoes, but simply East Nashville. And as this is the first ever of this particular festival, I’ll reserve judgement til we’ve been there.  You’ll hear more later, I’m sure.

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  1. >Unbelievably and unfortunately, never made it. Migraine and heat don't mix!

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