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Reception’s over, but what a time it was!!  The paintings still hang there for another nearly two weeks, but the reception went off without a hitch, for the most part, aside from the sad absence of my BFF who was unable to take time off to come back down again.  I got there with all my “merch” – additional paintings I had completed recently, sets of notecards I had printed up to sell at the event, canvas bags and little drawstring canvas totes for wine or – in the case of fellow painters – paintbrush bags.

We displayed the merchandise on a pair of tables near the exit, had a pair of “Mailing list” clipboards and other material near the exit too.  My son, Pete, served as host, welcoming guests into the restaurant and I am proud to say, the 76 seat occupancy place was packed at times!  The owner and I estimated we had more than 80 people there!  On a Tuesday night, we figured that was a great thing to pull off.

Highlights of the night were when Pete introduced me to the crowd, and when I presented a painting I had done for the non-profit organization Operation Stand Down Nashville.  Bill Burleigh, the organization’s executive director, seemed to be tickeled pink by the painting and I was so excited to present it and inform the crowd about the great organization.

Other standout moments included seeing high school classmates, painting buddies, and others that I really did not expect to be able to come for the event.  Again, mid-week, downtown Nashville, etc.  And near time for the event to wrap up, Ben Leming, the U.S. Congressional Candidate for the 6th District in Tennessee came in with several of his supporters.  It was a great way to end the evening and I felt truly honored that he took the time to show up.

As for selling, we did far better than I expected, sold many of the smaller paintings, had numerous admirers of the larger ones, notably the Congaree Swamp and “Miracle” one, and had many folks sign up for the mailing list.  Later in the week I’ll post another “after action” post. Tired now and finally unwinding after a stellar event!

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