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>Getting back to normal, finally.

>Who would’ve thought it could take so very much out of a person to have a reception that someone else is hosting on your behalf?  I must have been running on pure adrenaline before the show because, believe me when I tell you, I crashed big time once it was over.  I was utterly exhausted and it wasn’t like I was up til all hours of the night beforehand.  It was an emotional thing, I’m sure.

It’s a week and a couple of days later and I have finally gotten things in order around the house (no more Moesse cards, invites, or merch floating around on the dining room table), and the studio.  The gardens are starting to show they’ve been weeded and I even was able to squeeze away to get to painting today!  It was the first time I got to see beloved teacher Hazel since missing her at the show (she could not get a ride and there was a sad mixup!)

I brought her two of my bags and a set of note cards and asked her if she’d like to go to the restaurant with me for lunch or at least to view the stuff.  She’s up for it and we’ve got a plan.  It was great returning to painting class and I worked on watercolors today, painting at a shared space with Lynne P. and Lucilla.  There is something about painting with folks you respect that elevates you.  I really felt lifted and creative and enjoyed the free flowing feel of working with watercolors today after so much restraint lately. 

I’ve still got some catching up to do, like mailing out cards to those who joined my mailing list.  Next Saturday, the paintings come down and some of the big ones unfortunately did not sell, so I have to make some room.  I view it as kind of a mixed blessing: There is some interest by a few parties in some of them and I’m sure we’ll figure out what’s what by next Saturday when the works come down.  But even in the worst case scenario that noone buys any of the large ones, I at least get to surround the house with some lovely stuff for a while longer!

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