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>A Gift for Paul


In 2004-2005, I co-wrote a screenplay with an individual who has become a real friend: Paul Lopes.  The screenplay was loosely based on his life and an imaginary reunion he’d have with his deceased father someday where the old man shared his wisdom with the younger protagonist on a park bench.  Called EMPTY SKY, the screenplay has been reworked a few times and submitted to a few contests where it placed well and received some favorable reviews.  I just finished this painting which is my depiction of the scene and happily will present it to Paul in the next few days. 

We’re looking for a producer if anyone with a heart for an existential drama/romance has an interest and pockets deep enough to fund a lower-budget indie.  It’s set in Asheville, NC and Nashville, against the backdrop of the music industry here and could definitely be a vehicle for a pair of country musicians.

Back to the subject of painting:  I struggled with this painting, having first laid in the largest foreground tree and sky.  It took a lot of reworking to get the distant trees and grass in a light enough value to work while still ensuring the bench stood out.  I hope you enjoy the end result. 

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  1. >This is really nice. And good luck with the play thing.

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