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>Commissioned memorial painting


A client fell in love with my 36 x 48 “Druid Tree” painting that was up at the Mad Platter Show in May/June.  It has returned to it’s place as centerpiece of our home’s cathedral-ceiling’d living room, hanging over the fireplace once again.  She thought of that painting when a dear friend of hers died and she commissioned a smaller version – different in format, as it’s taller and more slender, but the colors and everything else were to remain the same. 

I completed the piece this past weekend and am struck again by the simple beauty of the design.  I don’t know if the ethereal shimmer comes through, but in person, it seems to take on a spirit-like existence of its own, reflecting differently wherever you move. 

My client hasn’t picked up the painting yet but I’m looking forward to her reaction.

2 thoughts on “>Commissioned memorial painting

  1. >Great idea and touching tribute.

  2. >Wow. Keep it up.

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