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Painting: Poppies in the Rain

Poppies in the Rain is sold, but commissions for similar paintings in different sizes / colors would be considered.
Poppies in the Rain: Sold, but commissions for like paintings in different size/color would be considered.

I painted “Poppies in the Rain” and it was snatched up quickly. No wonder since It’s a pleasing composition, in neutral shades that go well with similiar backgrounds, and, of course, because it features Poppies sprawled against the canvas!

It has a new home, true, but one can purchase reprints, personal merchandise or home decor accessories using this image, or better yet, why not commission a painting of your own? I set aside slots each month for this purpose and would love to recreate something similar to this, or your own preferred floral artwork. Reach out and let’s discuss the options!

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Commission: Fading light

fading lightA seaside client was looking for a soft abstract landscape or seascape in tones to match their dining room. The gentle, soothing palette of soft grays, pale magenta and naples yellow was, though not my typical go-to colors, were ones I loved working with, using blades (palette knives) on canvas. The owner’s choice of a simple discrete pale peach frame sets it off and works beautifully in this setting. I’m quite happy with the finished painting and grateful to the owners who were happy enough to share with me their new commissioned artwork hanging on their dining room wall.

Does the idea of a commissioned, custom-painted artwork incorporating your specific palette appeal to you? If so, reach out to me for a free consultation. You can view other work of mine and follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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>Commissioned memorial painting


A client fell in love with my 36 x 48 “Druid Tree” painting that was up at the Mad Platter Show in May/June.  It has returned to it’s place as centerpiece of our home’s cathedral-ceiling’d living room, hanging over the fireplace once again.  She thought of that painting when a dear friend of hers died and she commissioned a smaller version – different in format, as it’s taller and more slender, but the colors and everything else were to remain the same. 

I completed the piece this past weekend and am struck again by the simple beauty of the design.  I don’t know if the ethereal shimmer comes through, but in person, it seems to take on a spirit-like existence of its own, reflecting differently wherever you move. 

My client hasn’t picked up the painting yet but I’m looking forward to her reaction.