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A stupendous day painting with the girls


As you may recall, Lynne, Lucilla, Margot and I have been meeting weekly at one another’s homes although today was Barbara Rembert’s first day joining us.  It definitely won’t be her last as we’re piling in on her next week. But back to today – it was held at Margot’s lovely place in Green Hills, and I was treated to some of her fine homemade Gazpacho (she’s promised to share the recipe with me and if I get any comments to my post, I may just be nice enough and share it here later, too.)  And since Barbara had a birthday recently, Lynne surprised her with a little cake in her honor.

It was a wonderful day of watercolor painting and I worked on a pair of waterfalls from the same photo that would never have occurred to me to break them up into two separate paintings, but with Barbara there, coaching me on, I saw the composition would be that much better for doing it.  I decided on those paintings since Barbara showed us all a pair of beautiful watercolors she had done on paper that she had gessoed over to protect the integrity of the paper and make it easier to lift off paint later.  Mine were poor stepchildren compared to her gorgeous works, but it was good practice all the same.  I did a sweet little birch forest painting too, but the hubby is working to upgrade my Iphone right now so sharing a photo of my effort will have to wait.

The big news from today’s session was that we have decided on a name for our group and intend to codify it, first with website, then see about some funding sources, and more.  Pretty exciting when you think it all started just a few weeks ago.  Wish us luck!

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  1. >So have you thought about trying to show in England? I see you painted a Welsh scene or two. Your works would go over well here, I can imagine.

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