Minted my first NFT!

Backstory: our son got us into trading alternative currencies (i.e. bitcoin, ethereum, etc.) and stakes in platforms that operate on these currencies back in November. We set up a Coinbase account (we researched all the options and found this to be the easiest and safest platform to trade these tokens and currencies) and dove in… Continue reading Minted my first NFT!

An artist’s thoughts on Wales (based on a breakneck-speed tour of the countryside)

If you’ve never ventured into Wales from England, Scotland or Ireland, do so, immediately! If you are a fan of natural beauty and our earth’s glory, the gorgeous and rugged terrain is something you won’t want to miss. My better half and I drove straight through the country from the border of England to the… Continue reading An artist’s thoughts on Wales (based on a breakneck-speed tour of the countryside)

Acadia Morning

If you’ve ever been to Acadia National Park in the early morning, or overlooked the Penobscot Bay at the edge of Bar Harbor, Maine, you’ll know the feeling… unspoiled beauty, nature, serenity. Above all, beauty and clarity. This pristine area, along the New England Coast, is exquisite and breathtaking in its natural, unspoiled beauty. I was there… Continue reading Acadia Morning

Music in art creation – my process

As you might know, I make visual art as well as write. Recently, I’ve noticed an interesting thing. I work by two different mental processes when creating, depending on whether it be by words or pictures. Here’s the scoop: The other day I was asked about my process in writing my (insert shameless plug here)… Continue reading Music in art creation – my process

Me: Part 2

After a couple of years in the country, we relocated back to Nashville where I went through two years of high school before another move to Murfreesboro, an hour south of Nashville. During my high school, I got involved in school programs, ranging from sports – basketball, track and swimming – to acting (yes, acting!)… Continue reading Me: Part 2

An artist’s birth in darkness. (Book Review of David Sandum’s I’ll Run.. Memoir)

Four years ago, Sweden-born painter David Sandum came onto my radar promoting his “Twitter Art Exhibit” (TAE)  It was his philanthropic idea to put out a call to artists on Twitter for small postcard-sized works he could sell to raise funds for a local nonprofit based in his hometown of Moss, Norway. The genius behind the… Continue reading An artist’s birth in darkness. (Book Review of David Sandum’s I’ll Run.. Memoir)

One good turn…

The 2015 Twitter Art Exhibit was held in Orlando and opened on a Thursday night during the First Thursdays Art Event in downtown Orlando and I made the trek solo from work in Lakeland.  No big deal since it is only a hour or so each way.  While there, I allowed fate to step in… Continue reading One good turn…

Plant City is abuzz!

It’s all about the Plant City Strawberry Festival these days!  The festival starts next week, but art submissions are due in today.  So… naturally, I submitted.  I am bummed because I was in such a rush I was unable to get good photos of one of them before they were framed, and to me, it’s… Continue reading Plant City is abuzz!