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The Nashville Skyline Painting

So, I started this painting for my very first show in Nashville.  It was spring, 2010 and itNashville at night painting by Maura Satchell was to be one of about 25 original paintings for my month-long show at the fine Nashville restaurant The Mad Platter, located in the Germantown section of Music City, across the river from the state capitol.

Nashville at Night, as I’ve always called it, was not the largest painting on display there by any means. That honor went to a 36 x 80 inch work that was (happily for me) acquired within a couple of weeks of the opening by a private collector.  NaN did not sell.  I’d priced it very high, figuring if someone wanted to acquire it, it would have to be at some cost. While I could paint another similar to keep on hand, it wouldn’t be the same as that very first one, painted just before the traumatic and city-defining 2010 flood.  In fact, the show was to open that Sunday, May 2 and had to be postponed by one week’s time.

Nashville at Night has been with me through several other shows since.  It now graces a wall in our home in Florida and I’m so very glad I was able to keep it.  I’ve recently been commissioned to do a similar painting of New York City for a collector overseas.  Looking forward to the opportunity and will present the final product here for your viewing pleasure.

PS:  If you like this particular painting, fine art print copies and canvas copies are available through the following online sites:

In original format from Fine Art America
In a standard format from Saatchi’s online gallery.

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