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One good turn…

Kathrine Piper's "Queen of Diamonds" The 2015 Twitter Art Exhibit was held in Orlando and opened on a Thursday night during the First Thursdays Art Event in downtown Orlando and I made the trek solo from work in Lakeland.  No big deal since it is only a hour or so each way.  While there, I allowed fate to step in and made the acquaintance of a lovely visitor from New Hampshire – Kathrine Piper – and her young middle-school-aged daughter.  When I discovered they were going to get a cab back to their hotel, naturally I offered them a lift.  It was, after all on my way back to Hillsborough County and that first part of the ride would be toughest to navigate.

Kathrine’s lovely, incredibly talented and a dear, sweet, generous soul.  And I coveted her submission to the 2015 TAE.  I offered to pay for it in advance and have her send it directly to me, but of course, that goes against the spirit of the exhibit and event.  So… she offered to paint me one herself.  And it came today!  Yipee! Isn’t it gorgeous?

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