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The Druid Tree

The Druid Tree - 36 x 48 x 1" canvas wrapped acrylic painting by Maura Satchell, Artist. All rights reserved.
The Druid Tree – 36 x 48 x 1″ canvas wrapped acrylic painting by Maura Satchell. All rights reserved.

Though this particular work of art was painted several years ago, painting this was the closest I’ve been to a religious experience while painting and creating artworks ever. Hear me out.

I often get lost in my work, time escapes me on a regular basis and when I’m alone in my studio painting and creating, I sometimes forget to eat, sleep, etc.

But in making this particular piece of art, I had a truly out-of-body experience. It was one of several larger paintings I was completing for a solo show I was preparing for. That I was listening to Dave Matthews Band may have helped, but no alcohol or drugs — illicit or otherwise — were ingested during the creation of this painting.

Why a simple tree? In druid times and within the Celtic race, trees were held as sacred. In my own life, particular trees hold special meaning and symbolize the lives of loved ones born or passed on. For that reason, this work is near and dear to me.

Minimalist in style, I love how the silver trunk reflects the light and casts an otherworldly glow on the canvas, as if alive.  I indicated it was not for sale and happily scored not one but two commissions from it. Fine art print and canvas copies are available through Saatchi, and other merchandise — duvet covers, shower curtains, note cards, you name it, are available here.

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Gossamer Wings


Quiet Yearning LR

Gossamer Wings is a soft-colored mixed media abstract painting using oil pastels, acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite and ink on 11 x 15 inches 140gsm archival paper created in an abstract expressionist style using techniques akin to Jackson Pollock with hints of Willem De Kooning.

The original is for sale directly from me or Saatchi’s online gallery which also offers various high quality print products. Other products — a shower curtain, duvet cover, pillows, and more are even available through Fine Art America.

Love it, but don’t need to make a purchase? Crow about it to your friends and be sure to follow me on your favorite social media platforms, be they Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

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Summer Delight

Summer Delight LRIt’s the end of summer and after a long walk with my faithful hound, Brody, our four-year-old yellow lab rescue mix, I decided it was time to capture some of the lightness and joy of summer in an easy-breezy work of art.

Behold: Summer Delight.  It’s a mixed media piece of acrylic and inks on paper and both the 8 x 9″ original and copies are available through Fine Art America.



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Acadia Morning

LR AcadiaIf you’ve ever been to Acadia National Park in the early morning, or overlooked the Penobscot Bay at the edge of Bar Harbor, Maine, you’ll know the feeling… unspoiled beauty, nature, serenity. Above all, beauty and clarity. This pristine area, along the New England Coast, is exquisite and breathtaking in its natural, unspoiled beauty.

I was there not long ago, staying at Wave Walker Bed & Breakfast, treated to some of the finest cuisine and lodgings Surry, Maine has to offer. Hosts Donna and Phil were great and, well, I’ve come away with this little beauty of a watercolor painting I call Acadia Morning. The foreground depicts my artist’s take on their property as it overlooks the bay and Cadillac Mountain in the distance.

The 9 inch by 12 inch original on Arches 140 GSM paper is available via Saatchi Art along with a few other high quality giclee options. Alternatively, you may purchase any number of licensed iterations of the painting, from notecards to duvet covers via Fine Art America and Pixels here. They make great gifts for the Acadia fan in your life!

Like my stuff? You can also connect with me on Instagram – @MauraSatchell and Facebook  too.

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A lift

IMG_5222Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of my brother John Kevin’s death. He was 16 at the time and drowned in an accident at a public pool where he served as a life guard.

I had the desire to work on some sweet, light and joyous.  How’s this?

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Coming home

Our new home
Our new home

Here I sit on the last night before we close on the purchase of our lovely new home in a pleasant and serene community in Central Florida.  It’s been a long journey, both figuratively and metaphorically speaking.  I left our comfortable Tennessee home last June to take a great job in Florida.  The dog and I started with an air mattress and folding table in a tiny, hot second floor apartment with a kitchen smaller than the size of our former master bathroom!  Hubby extraordinaire (David) joined us after sprucing up and selling the house in September when 90% of our belongings were placed in storage.  The remaining items and the three of us were crammed into that small space with little light or room to breathe.

After getting most everything packed up and ready for the move for the second time in less than a year, here I sit tonight, processing this journey. I am so filled with emotion knowing it’s about to reach its end. Or start, as it were.  It will mean a chance to settle into a home we love in an area that abounds in glorious flora and fauna. And it will mean a chance to unpack all the art supplies and materials and books and inspirational mementos I have missed for so.very.long.

My soul is tingling with anticipation and excitement as if ready to meet a new lover for a secret tryst. But this is real and is out in the light of day. It is due, in some part, to those sacrifices we made these past nine months. And it is due to my starting at the bottom again, two years ago taking a job in retail with meager pay hoping it might just lead to something more fulfilling, which, thankfully it did!

After the signing of countless documents and the tiresome humping of boxes and driving back and forth, will come the joy and pleasure.  First, the unpacking of boxes filled with items nearly forgotten for the better part of a year.  Then, the digging in and getting back to that which I love more than nearly everything else on earth (except my kids, husband and hound): making art.

If all goes well, you may not hear from me for another three months!

Signing off,