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Gossamer Wings


Quiet Yearning LR

Gossamer Wings is a soft-colored mixed media abstract painting using oil pastels, acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite and ink on 11 x 15 inches 140gsm archival paper created in an abstract expressionist style using techniques akin to Jackson Pollock with hints of Willem De Kooning.

The original is for sale directly from me or Saatchi’s online gallery which also offers various high quality print products. Other products — a shower curtain, duvet cover, pillows, and more are even available through Fine Art America.

Love it, but don’t need to make a purchase? Crow about it to your friends and be sure to follow me on your favorite social media platforms, be they Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

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Beyond the confines

beyond the confinesLR

Beyond the confines lies a land of wonderment, joy and beauty. That’s the essence of this mixed media painting, an interplay of charcoal, graphite, ink, acrylic paint on archival gsm 140 wt. paper.

Original for sale through me here at a discount or assorted “merch” can be had in this via online galleries Fine Art America and Saatchi.

In terms of process, this one evolved over a few months. I’d work a layer, set it aside, mull it over for a while, then come back to it. I think I like the sgrafitto in contrast to the flowing, meandering pigment below and obviously, that’s what gave rise to the title of this one.  I also love the push-pull and contrast of the cool/warm and light/dark. More than anything else, though, I love the minimalist bent of this, and the use of very few colors, while blending wet into wet for tonal variations.

Do you like this style? I have a few more works in the red / white / black minimalist vein, a couple of which you can check out in the Browse & Buy tab above or here.

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Some fun new works

So, I started a while back by creating this one:

I call her “Rainhat Lady” and she’s hung on the diagonal against a black wall here.

She’s created from melted olefin that’s been painted with metallics, luminescent paints, and etc. She’s on gallery wrapped canvas and is 12 x 12 inches.

After Rainhat Lady came:

Sally Streetqueen. Again, there’s the melted olefin, aluminum, acrylics and metallics.

Then, after Sally was born, I became inspired to do a whole darn series of these cuteys. I call them the “Mannequin Series” and the newer ones are created to be storefront window mannequins on display somewhere or other… Here is a photo of the whole shootin’ match.

Storefront Mannequins Series
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Note to self: Skip Goodwill After Steroid Injections

I’ve been under the weather for a while – actually since December and I kept figuring I was fighting something.  Finally gave up and went to the doctor this morning.  Turns out it’s allergies.  Yeah, having the cat inside during winter, practically living in my office is not a good thing.

The doctor gave me a steroid shot and though I intended to stop in for just a very quick look, well, I kinda went overboard at the local Goodwill today.  The kind of manic splurge I haven’t had in years!  It was .99 yellow tag clothing days and the Ralph Lauren white cotton sweater and NY & Co tweed jacket will go quickly on e-bay I’m sure, along with the Aussie made boiled wool cardi.  I’m thinking the $2.99 vintage bowling ball hardcase is too cool to sell, and look at all the glisteny shiny .99 or less items I got for making art.

I’m gonna be busy for a while so if I don’t answer the phone, you’ll understand.  It’s the steroid shot.  =)