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Note to self: Skip Goodwill After Steroid Injections

I’ve been under the weather for a while – actually since December and I kept figuring I was fighting something.  Finally gave up and went to the doctor this morning.  Turns out it’s allergies.  Yeah, having the cat inside during winter, practically living in my office is not a good thing.

The doctor gave me a steroid shot and though I intended to stop in for just a very quick look, well, I kinda went overboard at the local Goodwill today.  The kind of manic splurge I haven’t had in years!  It was .99 yellow tag clothing days and the Ralph Lauren white cotton sweater and NY & Co tweed jacket will go quickly on e-bay I’m sure, along with the Aussie made boiled wool cardi.  I’m thinking the $2.99 vintage bowling ball hardcase is too cool to sell, and look at all the glisteny shiny .99 or less items I got for making art.

I’m gonna be busy for a while so if I don’t answer the phone, you’ll understand.  It’s the steroid shot.  =)

2 thoughts on “Note to self: Skip Goodwill After Steroid Injections

  1. >Too funny, Maura!

  2. >And I can't wait to see what kind of art you come up with out of these found objects!

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