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Royal Wedding and Diana’s Legacy

CaptureI am not a die hard Royal fan or follower. They are human, not to be put on a pedastal. That’s not to say Princess Diana’s wedding didn’t influence my choice of gowns for my first wedding, or that the day she passed remains one burnt in my memory to today. Or that, upon her death, I was moved to send a heartfelt letter to her sons. No doubt one of millions, but there you go.

Today, I rejoice, thinking upon her life, her legacy. And I am struck by the fact that she would be so happy over this occasion. And it seems, her legacy has come full circle. I wish the newlyweds all happiness and urge them to carry on in her name and burn brightly in this world, shining lightness and joy to all the darkest corners of humanity in memory of Diana and her legacy.

I don’t have a work of art to add to this post yet, but have no doubt this occasion will inspire one! Stay tuned and it will be added in days or weeks ahead.

Godspeed, beautiful couple! May your lives be filled with joy and happiness and may you bring same to our world.


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Music in art creation – my process

Druid Tree Painting by Maura Satchell, ArtistAs you might know, I make visual art as well as write. Recently, I’ve noticed an interesting thing. I work by two different mental processes when creating, depending on whether it be by words or pictures. Here’s the scoop:

The other day I was asked about my process in writing my (insert shameless plug here) second novel The Gray Lady of Long Branch  (Four Pillars) and in explaining my strong dedication to the organic process, I also mentioned I work in silence. No music, no television, no people (if I can help it, but that depends on how close to deadline).  I do this because those external distractions would dim “the voices in my head.”

I know what you’re thinking: Get out the straightjacket. =)

In all seriousness, though, I can only describe it in this way:  Thankfully, I type blindingly fast, so, I process my thoughts in my brain and type to follow up. Usually it’s my own thoughts, but sometimes, I get the voice of the character, or a reminder voice of an old professor, or some other voice coming to me. It informs the process of what I’m doing or downright puts the dialogue right into my mind, accent at all.

When creating visual art, I find creating to music pleasant and sometimes very helpful. It seems to free up my work so my strokes are less controlled, more flowing and easy. The most striking marriage between my painting and music came several years ago when I was working on this Druid Tree painting for a solo show at a fabulous restaurant in Nashville years ago. I was painting to Dave Matthews Band and still remember the feeling of that union as I created that work.

How about you? Check in and tell me what type of art you work on and about your music or non-music preferences. OR, take this conversation to your favorite social media channel and carry on the discussion there!


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Not three, but FOUR months later…

and I’m finally getting back into my painting.  With a full time job in social media for a major central FL company, my days are busy and free time is a luxury at this point.  The house is settled in, more or less; We’re in a groove in terms of pool, lawn and home upkeep; We’ve even got a well-stocked freezer, filled with Grouper, Tuna and Snapper thanks to my son who visited and had a successful fishing trip on the gulf side.  So, there’s little else to do but paint!

And it’s hit me: it’s time to try Flamingoes!  I can see them now, all aqua backgrounds, cheery red/salmon/pink/crimson and white bodies with graceful long necks and impossibly skinny legs and balls for knees!  How fun!  I was so motivated I already slapped the backgrounds on about five canvases of varying sizes.  The plan is, to paint and hang these (hopefully) adorable works throughout this, our “Florida” guest room.

The room was a big renovation project we tackled last month.  Long story short, the homeowner’s son was a heavy smoker and preferred dark drab colors.  Not us, that’s for sure, and after painting, carpet cleaning and furniture reworking, we love the end result.

Transformed from drab dark blue to this, we hope our guest bedroom is inviting and welcoming.

So, stay tuned for a few froliking and fun Flamingoes!

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Ways to be inspired

I found this through my twitter feed, from a tweet by twitfriend YogaArmy of a blogpost by Lori Moreno.

It’s a list of Ways to be inspired

Not long, but uplifting and worth keeping on hand for, you know, those days when you feel like mush but have time on your hands for projects.

Hope it inspires you the way it did me.