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Not three, but FOUR months later…

and I’m finally getting back into my painting.  With a full time job in social media for a major central FL company, my days are busy and free time is a luxury at this point.  The house is settled in, more or less; We’re in a groove in terms of pool, lawn and home upkeep; We’ve even got a well-stocked freezer, filled with Grouper, Tuna and Snapper thanks to my son who visited and had a successful fishing trip on the gulf side.  So, there’s little else to do but paint!

And it’s hit me: it’s time to try Flamingoes!  I can see them now, all aqua backgrounds, cheery red/salmon/pink/crimson and white bodies with graceful long necks and impossibly skinny legs and balls for knees!  How fun!  I was so motivated I already slapped the backgrounds on about five canvases of varying sizes.  The plan is, to paint and hang these (hopefully) adorable works throughout this, our “Florida” guest room.

The room was a big renovation project we tackled last month.  Long story short, the homeowner’s son was a heavy smoker and preferred dark drab colors.  Not us, that’s for sure, and after painting, carpet cleaning and furniture reworking, we love the end result.

Transformed from drab dark blue to this, we hope our guest bedroom is inviting and welcoming.

So, stay tuned for a few froliking and fun Flamingoes!

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