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In need of kitchen art, so what do I do?

As the title suggests, we’re in our new home and oh wow! We needed art for the walls! So what do I do? Of course, I paint!

In all honesty, I did the Market Basket trio of paintings themed around the family farm, featuring an ear of corn, watermelon, and a ripe juicy tomato, a couple of weeks ago, inspired by a ride out in the country. They’re on masonite panels rather than canvas. The Rooster and Hot Salsa were strategically planned to grace a couple of prominent blank kitchen walls in our expansive new home. We’re pretty jazzed at how they came out — the paintings and the walls, that is.

SHAMELESS PLUG MOMENT: If you have some kitchen or walls that need gracing, or are in search of a housewarming gift for a friend with a homey, folksy, country style decor, you can always visit my fun Home at the Farm gallery to buy prints or canvases at Fine Art America. There, if you find an image you like, you can order it in several formats, from a single greeting card to your own canvas print. A few originals are even listed there, too.

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