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"Cynosure" abstract mixed media painting on paper by contemporary artist Maura SatchellThis is a mixed media abstract work of art started as an airbrush painting. I loved the colors, the ethereal quality to it, but wasn’t sure where to take it. Cut to this year and rainy weather and my bag of tricks — charcoal, gouache, ink and pastels, and voila! I give you “Symphony”, on 11″ x 15″ paper.

Not for the faint of heart, this painting would look wonderful in a home or office interior that needs a punch of color. A large custom giclee print of this work looks enchanting in its new home and may give you an idea of how this wall art might fit with your home or office design.

Cynosure in situ

Newly completed, this work is available for sale through me or Saatchi where you can also purchase smaller sized fine art prints or canvas duplicates. For accessories and larger size prints, check out the offerings at this link.

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aspirational LRTropical storm Alberto brought boatloads of rain this past week which meant some great moody painting sessions. From it, “Aspirational” was born.

This painting, 11″ x 14″ mixed media / oil on paper, is an abstract work of art using pastel tones with pink, peach, and an under layer with hints of soft greens and blues.

The original art is for sale direct from the artist, yours truly. Or purchase 9″ x 12″ fine art paper prints for $49 or larger 12″ x 16″ canvas prints (black canvas wrap color) for $110 from Saatchi Art.

Aspirational abstract painting by artist Maura Satchell

Want to go bigger with a print?  Here’s what it might look like in a larger size print or canvas copy available from Fine Art America. The largest size available is 30″ x 20″.

Love the colors, but rather see it in a throw pillow? For $22 there at Fine Art America, you can get a 14″ x 14″ accent pillow. Fine Art America has a myriad of other product offerings using the “Aspirational” design, and they make great gifts! We’re talking gorgeous shower curtains, unique round beach towels, carry-all pouches, bath towels, phone cases, tote bags, mugs, gorgeous yoga mats, spiral notebooks and fleece blankets. Here’s what it would look like as a one of a kind weekender tote bag:

aspirational-maura-satchell weekender tote bag
Need a great gift idea? Consider this weekender tote bag using “Aspirational” design by Contemporary Artist Maura Satchell.

If you love the idea of a unique work of art such as Aspirational, let’s talk! As mentioned, this painting is for sale, or perhaps you’d like something similar but in a different pallette. I hold slots for commissioned works and have a few available in the coming months.


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When the fog breaks

New abstract acrylic painting on canvas using softer colors and palette knife.  I love this!

when the fog lifts LR

The signed original is 16 x 20 x .75 on gallery wrapped canvas and is available directly from the blog at a discounted $395. Through Saatchi, it is offered at $1175. Saatchi also offers museum quality giclee prints and canvas prints too in case that interests you.

In addition to those prints, if you love this painting and think the design would fit your decor but want a more affordable option, other items, including notecards, other prints, throw pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains, tote bags, notebooks and cell phone covers, are available here.


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The upside to downpours

Parts unknown LR
Parts Unknown – Abstract painting by Maura Satchell

In case you haven’t heard, the Tampa Bay area has been overwhelmed by water the past week and a half. We were fortunate and avoided the early onslaught as we escaped to Maine for a beautiful wedding and a fantastic soul-soothing respite at the Wave Walker Bed & Breakfast overlooking Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. Ahhh… the fresh sea air, the glorious fields and flowers, the incredible food and hospitality afforded us. Big thanks to Donna and Philip Doyen, our hosts at the B&B, and to our lovely Walsh/Mason and Vickery kinfolk up there and best wishes to the lovely bride and groom.

For the trip, we flew Southwest Airlines into Manchester and drove the coastal interstate route up to Acadia.  On the way back, we took Route 1 and fell in love with the adorable towns we meandered through. We did stop in Rockland where the Farnsworth Museum is. It features a couple of Wyeth exhibits right now and many other wonderful works. Since Andrew Wyeth was my first art love, we thought it appropriate to stop in.

It was very hard coming back, believe me! But return we did. To rain and humidity and heat. It’s been okay, though, since I took this opportunity to refine a couple of old paintings in need of more tone and tlc. I also did an abstract that I am proud of and started on a painting of sunflowers.

If you enjoy these, you can purchase copies, notecards and even duvets of them at this site.

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Drawing with help from a couple of great books

Aftermath abstract mixed media artwork
“Aftermath” abstract mixed media artwork

I’ve joked in the past that “drawing to me is like being forcefed cruciferous vegetables for those who hate them.” Bear in mind, I love them (vegetables), but that’s neither here nor there.  As I’ve traveled this art journey of splendor and tactile and visual delights, I’ve done my damndest to avoid drawing at all costs.  It’s why I gravitated toward acrylics and now oils.  When things don’t look right, I’d just slap more paint over them to make it right.

But lately, I’ve accepted if I want to really, REALLY improve, I cannot be afraid of and avoid drawing.  So… I’ve been tooling around with some great books of late, and sketchpads, the Ipad and other instruments to record what I see.  The first and foremost book I’m talking about, is of course Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards.  This book was instrumental in giving me confidence to draw and push myself, but even more, to enjoy drawing in and of itself.

So, after that wonderful trek into pencil and paperland, I ventured to ye olde local library and discovered another great gem:  Expressive Drawing by Steven Aimone.  I can’t tell you what a spectacular book this is!  I’m taking my time with it but love, love, love the adventures it has exposed me to.  The photo at the top is something I did based on his book and I apologize for the lack of modesty, but I find it exciting! You may not, and that’s fine as art is purely subjective.  But after I did this work, I really could not take my eyes off it! I find it offers nuance and hints of things that could be there, but might not be.

So I have a question for you now.  What book has changed  your art life?