Uh oh! Eye problem returned!

>I’ve been lax in doing the eye exercises and on top of that recently got a new IPhone 4, beckoning me to click, read, and explore until the wee hours of the morning sometimes, and yesterday, I noticed the eye problem has returned.  Bummer since I returned to the eye specialist a few weeks ago and told her everything was fine and dandy.  Well, I guess it’s just a two step process:

  1. reduce the Iphone viewing
  2. get back to exercising the muscles. 

Of course, right now I’m piled under with work, want to paint more, and have other needs for my eyes too.  Will update you next week on my progress.  Hopefully it’ll be as easy as 1,2.

Wish me luck!

About Maura Satchell, contemporary artist and writer

Contemporary artist, seeker, writer. Curious to a fault. I let the fates take me where they will and never say no to an adventure. That has led me on some heart-stirring journeys and impetuous choices. I regret nothing.
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2 Responses to Uh oh! Eye problem returned!

  1. B says:

    >Oh sorry to hear that.


  2. Anonymous says:

    >Rest your eyes up. I'm from Oz and so enjoy reading your blog.


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