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The ceiling tile is up!

Dolly, my breast-cancer “Overcomer” friend is on her second to last treatment today! She was happy to see that my painted ceiling tile has taken up a place on the ceiling there for her and all those who cross the … Continue reading

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Well, this is good news!

Chocolate is found to be as good as exercise according to this Indian study.  I kid you not!  Here, read this excerpt: “The researchers who focused on the mitochondria – the tiny powerhouses in cells that generate energy – discovered … Continue reading

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Busy times: Vacation, Group Show and acceptance in a juried show in SFO in June!

First off, if you’ve been reading my updates you will notice they are now at WordPress, moved over from Blogger.  Not sure how it’ll go but thinking it will make things run more smoothly.  We’ll see. In the meantime, last … Continue reading

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Eye problems again, went to an ENT

And have set up a neuro-opthalmologist appointment for Wednesday which I may not need. The ENT Specialist noted that my nasal cavity is very inflamed and eye problems as I’m describing can be caused by a deep sinus infection or … Continue reading

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The eyes have it…

If you’ve been reading my blog at all, you’ll know that last year I developed an eye problem – Convergence insufficiency – that basically means the eye muscles are weak and the eyeball (in my case, the left one) doesn’t … Continue reading

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Thrown for a loop with allergies lately!

I’ve been battling them first alone, then with the help of the steroid shot (see most recent post) and a nasal steroid spray but I’m not much better, so broke down and got the doctor to prescribe an antibiotic to … Continue reading

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Computer crashes and wonky eyes

So, it’s been a lovely holiday season so far and we’ve got an open house planned for New Year’s Day.  One nearly major problem last night turned out to be less traumatic than it could have been, thanks to my … Continue reading

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Uh oh! Eye problem returned!

>I’ve been lax in doing the eye exercises and on top of that recently got a new IPhone 4, beckoning me to click, read, and explore until the wee hours of the morning sometimes, and yesterday, I noticed the eye … Continue reading

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>Non-art Book Recommendation

>Running with the Tao by Greg Webb.  I’ve read segments of this truly inspirational book and await delivery at this time. Editorial Review from Amazon:  Compelling commentary on health and spirituality. The author takes two lines from each stanza of … Continue reading

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