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Busy times: Vacation, Group Show and acceptance in a juried show in SFO in June!

First off, if you’ve been reading my updates you will notice they are now at WordPress, moved over from Blogger.  Not sure how it’ll go but thinking it will make things run more smoothly.  We’ll see.

This painting will be showing at ARC Gallery and Studios, San Francisco in June

In the meantime, last time I wrote, I was going to the ENT specialist for my “wonky eye syndrome.”  The muscles in one eye would move independently, refuse to cooperate and never want to focus in the binocular manner eyes are supposed to.  The ENT specialist ruled out any sinus implications and, perhaps because I’ve been swearing off using the IPhone at night to read tweats and stuff, the situation seems to have resolved itself for the most part.  I have the name of a neuro-opthalmologist and will make an appointment if it flares up again but for now, things are going okay.
Next up, Vacation.  We drove down for a week to lovely Gulf County Florida where dogs have equal rights, more or less, and can meander on the beaches any time as long as they’re leashed.  It was wonderful there, we rented a great home for the week a block from the sand, and had our fill of fresh seafood.  And never saw any evidence of the BP oil spill whatsoever while we were there, thankfully.  Retiring there is a good possibility if we can hang on that long.

While on vacation, I got some wonderful news:  I submitted two abstract paintings into the “FLOW:  The Essence of Paint” show and one was accepted!  Looking forward to the exhibit although I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to the opening as we’re supposed to head to the Northeast at that time.  Still, quite an honor and it’s San Francisco location broadens my horizons.

After that great news, we returned home somewhat reluctantly.  Even the dog was moping miserably, looking at us like “I want to go to the beach!” Still, I had a group show to prepare for with my fellow CANN artists so that kept me too busy to miss anything.    We delivered our paintings – I had 17 to hang – and tomorrow night is the reception at the Venue – a converted elementary school with a very long main hallway where the paintings are hanging, outside a community theater where Thursday through Sunday nights, plays are performed.  Since I haven’t added many pics lately, I’m dropping a couple in here … enjoy!

"Rumi's Bridge"
Rumi’s Bridge

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