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My Submission for the Twitter Art Exhibit 2015

Twitter Art Exhibit Submission for 2015
Blossoms in Springtime

The Twitter Art Exhibit is an annual event that raises money for a particular designated charity each year.  In it’s fifth year of operation, the TAE 2015 is being held in Moss, Norway again (that’s where David Sandum, the founder and a very talented artist himself is from).  I managed to get my painting done early this year!  It’s bright and cheery. I hope it brings joy to some collector.

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Plant City’s Strawberry Festival!

We moved into our lovely home in Plant City  a year ago this week and missed last year’s “world famous” Strawberry Festival that Plant City is known for!  So this year, not only did we make it to go, but I even scrambled and submitted three paintings.  They’re shown below.  Sadly, non made it into ribbon contention, but it was a pleasure to participate all the same.


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Hung art with Tennessee Art League colleagues

For April’s show.  There’re some lovely works up this month, including this beauty, “Baby Bok Choy” by Kathleen Dummer, a very talented fellow member.  Distinguishing the beauty to be found in all of nature, I love this work.  Beautiful, yes?  I didn’t have my act together enough (nor spare

works around) to submit a work for the show, but it will be a nice one all the same.

Located at 808 Broadway, the Tennessee Art League  is right across from The Frist Museum, and part of the First Saturday Art Crawl downtown.  It’s a lovely evening out, there are free shuttles to take you throughout the art neighborhoods and it’s always a great time!  Think about heading there this Saturday, April 7 for a lovely experience.

And in case you’re reading this, don’t forget, my works are still up at Provence Breads in Hillsboro Village and I will be present there for the Hillsboro Village Art Walk, a lively time on 21st Avenue in Hillsboro Village from 5-8 p.m.    As it celebrates Earth Day, too, there will be loads of organizations that work in support of our Earth participating!  Do come out if you get a chance.  Works

Le Maison

like the one below of mine will be on display at Provence.  I hope to see you there!

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Held over! My show at Provence Breads in Hillsboro Village!

Held over!

My show at Provence Breads in HillsboroVillage.

Come by during the Hillsboro Village Art Crawl (read about it here) Thurs. April 5,  5-8 pm.  I’ll be there, along with a great live band and sample foods from Provence.  It’s a great relaxed evening of fun, entertainment, art and food packed into a few blocks on 21st Avenue in one of Nashville’s coolest hoods!

Provence Solo Art Show

I didn’t catch the band’s name but they were really great! Hope they’re playing again this time!

I didn’t catch the band’s name but they were really great! Hope they’re playing again this time!

As an aside, if you’ve never been to Provence Breads, you really need to go.  It’s like stepping across the ocean directly into a patisserie in France!  Well, one offering not only fine pastries, but also artisan breads, a fabulous array of cheeses, olives, salads and more.  I discovered Provence (the Nashville one) when I first moved here in the early 2000s.  I was fortunate to spend my 30th Birthday on the Mediterranean at the other Provence (well, Cannes), but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

What I’m getting at here is just venture your little selves into Hillsboro Village along 21st Ave near Vanderbilt.  If you can make it for the First Thursday Art Walk, all the better.  If you are unable to get there that night, no problem.  Just get there sometime!

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A pair of encaustics for Norway fundraiser

A Woman’s Place
Bunny Tales

This pair of small encaustic mixed media works is going to Norway, part of a fundraising event there to raise funds for The Women’s Crisis Center in Moss, Norway. I’m so glad to be participating!

Thanks and enjoy!

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Preview of the Provence Breads show

Here are a few samples of the preliminary hanging of the Provence Breads & Cafe in Hillsboro Village for the Village Art Walk tonight.  One of my signature larger works is absent in this pic as it was still at the Tennessee Art League, but it will be in the show tonight along with the rest.  Hope to see local Nashvillians there as the weather is going to be simply perfect!

Provence Breads & Cafe – 1705 21st Avenue South, Hillsboro Village, Nashville.

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I have a painting in a show in Edinburgh.  It’s a charity event to raise money for an old growth forest there.  I thought, what better to reflect old growth from our Southeastern U.S. than a Live Oak? Love these gracious trees!

Live Oak
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Argh! Computer crash meant missed deadline

I have a great computer system, really I do…  Dual monitors, a Dell Inspiron whatever whatever that my techhie hubby set up for me admittedly a while ago, but it is a high quality system all the same.

I think the problem is, I’ve been tooling around with four different web browsers at once.  Long story.  Suffice it to say, with all open at once, there’s a good chance the system will operate somewhat … uhm … inefficiently.  And unfortunately, I didn’t count on that when, as typical last minute suzy on certain things, I put together two fun and I thought very clever “masks” to enter into the Torpedo Factory Masks Exhibition. 

In the end, I took it as a sign that they needed more work before going full out exhibition style public with them.  Structurally they need shoring up, but I like the effect.  Here’s a sneak preview of one:

On another subject, eyes are starting to act funky again.  Perhaps another visit to the optho-neurologist is in order since I was asymptomatic last time?

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CANNashville Reception Pics here

Our CANNashville Reception at the Mad Platter Restaurant in Nashville went swimmingly.  Despite the hot weather and fact that is was a Sunday afternoon, there was a good-sized crowd.  What’s more, they were inclined to purchase and a number of our works flew out the doors in no time!  That’s me on the far right, by the way, in the red and white.

More pics here . It was a great day for us and for @Thistlefarms thanks to @TheMadPlatter